Dan Garcia's Radio Hill Recorders is a state of the art boutique recording facility located in the heart of historic downtown Los Angeles. The studio is home to the Li'l Monster, a custom built analog mixing console with Neve, Langevin and API components. As a producer, Dan captures the very best from his clients with an emphasis on high-quality audio and without drawing unnecessary attention to the production or the process.

Dan Garcia was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil but at ten weeks of age his family relocated to the US just outside of Chicago. His father worked as an engineer for Bell Labs and his mother was a composer/artist/playwright/school teacher. The Garcia home was always filled with music and musical instruments. His family had a few reel to reel recorders and Dan became obsessed not only with music, but the process of recording.

As soon as Dan was old enough to leave his childhood home, he moved to Nashville to try his luck in the music business. There he met Bill Schnee who told him not to move to Los Angeles and work at his world class studio, so naturally he did. For almost six years he worked as an assistant to Schnee, Al Schmitt, Elliot Scheiner, Jack Joseph Puig and others - working with artists that included the BeeGees, Don Henley, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Stevie Nicks, Whitney Houston and many more.

Dan left Schnee's in the late 1980s to record artists including Boz Scaggs, Jefferson Starship, Earth Wind and Fire, and Toto. Soon he was working for clients ranging from David Crosby to Christina Aguilera, J-Lo to Rod Stewart. Having been an early adopter of home recording Dan was quick to realize both the benefits and dangers of recording out of the traditional studio environment. Over the years he has developed tools to create a unique intimate working environment for musicians while maintaining world class sonic integrity.